Everyone works and plays better when they are inspired and when they see each new day as an awesome chance to be happy. We at HOTTEE believe in fitness and wellbeing as a lifestyle choice and want to spark the same passion in all our customers through the t-shirts we sell.

It all began with our founder Karl about 20 years ago. He’s always been passionate about health, nutrition and creating cutting-edge fitness programs, so he decided to dedicate himself fully to it and became a fitness instructor. For Karl this is a way of life, a calling and a true inspiration. One day at the gym, he noticed that a few members were wearing t-shirts with inspirational slogans and designs that resulted in an influx of positive energy. The workouts that day were more intense, social and everyone felt an extra boost to their mood and had a better workout. At that moment the idea to share inspirational tees started to evolve into HOTTEE

Our high quality personalized t-shirts for men touch your heart, and whether you are training or just having a leisurely time, you are free to express yourself and feel the fun positive vibes around you.

We offer Original Designs so you can find a unique design that speaks to how you feel

We are US based and ship globally. Our mission is to share the awesome experience of self-expression through apparel with as many people as possible

Keep an eye on our selection of t-shirts as we are constantly updating the HOTTEE selection available. We want to ensure that there’s something for every age, taste and lifestyle. We also make sure that we only sell products of the highest quality so they are extremely comfortable to wear, a great fit, durable and breathable so the sweat can fly off as you exercise.

Wear one of our hottees and you can rest assured that you’ll look and feel good and you will also lift the mood of those around once they set eyes on the fun, off-the-wall designs on your tee.

We value your feedback, you can reach us at support@hottee.co